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Fabula Gaming is the bridge, allowing sports clubs to monetize their fan base by supplying various engaging sports game content type while generating revenues from selling the clubs branded virtual merchandise as rewards. Fabula Gaming turns the traditional game model into a rewarding exciting plan for the end user, allowing fans a free, or paid for, chance to own their favorite team virtual limited branded merchandise.
Your existing Fanbase
Rich variety of sports games to capture users attention and keep them coming back for more
Building the next generation of club's loyalty, using an official leaderboard based on online and offline activities.
Sell virtual branded merchandise to boost revenues
Extensive business analytics to measure performance and offering

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  1. 1. Reach millions of users
  2. 2. Get world wide exposure via most trusted sports brands
  3. 3. Generate revenue with the highest possible ARPU
  4. 4. Increase your app revenue by getting experts monetizing your non-paying users
  5. 5. Our SDK is lightweight and easy to integrate

Rich variety of games and interactive content for your audience, 24/7

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About Us

We're a team of experienced entrepreneurs and gaming veterans who love technology and love sports even more. Based in the heart of never sleeping Tel-Aviv, we wish to revolutionize the way sports clubs interact with fans in the social digital world.
  • Yoav Pilosof CEO
  • Nir Montag COO
  • Liran Hershko FED
  • Alon Karnibad QA
  • Or Gal FED
  • Oren Rubin Game Designer
  • Tzvi Sasson Designer
  • Stanley Office dog

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